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Monday, 26 October 2009

Phoenix v Slough 25th October Game Review

Sunday saw the first visit of the Slough Jets to the Ice Dome, the only previous meeting being in Slough and a victory for the Jets. The Phoenix came in to this game off the back of a superb 6-0 victory in Basingstoke. A good crowd in the Ice Dome and a very size able contingent from Slough helped create a good atmosphere!

First Period: As you would expect from two teams evenly matched the first period saw no goals, and few clear cut chances. Both goalies starting the game well and both defences cleaning up any rebounds.

Second Period: Crikey well it all kicked off in the second, and, sadly, it looked like the Phoenix just did not come out to play! In the 20 minutes of the second Slough scored 4 un-answered goals to effectively take the game! Throughout the period the Phoenix looked totally inept and bereft of ideas, and the Jets began to run rings round the Phoenix defence and expose Stephen Fone. The first goal for Slough came on the power play at 22min 16sec when Joe Greener scored with the assist going to James Knight. The second came just about a minute later, at 23min 22sec with Blaz Emersic getting his first of the night. Wuth 32min 24sec gone the Jets made it 3-0 with Emersic getting his second. The last goal of the period fell to Peter Poljacek netted at 39min 24sec, and the Phoenix headed off the ice totally dejected!

Third Period: With the damage done in the second all that was left for the Phoenix was to salvage some pride! Your's truly was worried after a 6-0 win the previous night, could we loose 6-0 at home? It didn't look good when Slough extended their lead after 45min 41sec when Ciaran Long netted. With Phoenix heads down, and many in the crowd contemplating an early exit, Ed Courtney briefly lifted spirits score the Phoenix only goal of the game at 46min 46sec with an absolute rocket of a wrister! Slough would bring an end to the scoring, at 52min 11sec Dan Davies would score their 6th of the night!

Verdict: An absolute shocker from the Phoenix, easily the worst performance of the season so far! It comes to something when the Choir boys pack up early! Actually, a special shout out to the boys, for debuting a very large drum! Well done boys!

Attendance: As mentioned earlier a good crowd in last night, 927 in the Dome.

Phoenix TV Highlights:

Phoenix 1 - Slough 6 - MEN Article......rather short one today!

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