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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Florida Gators vs Arkansas Game Review Saturday 17th October

After the fine win against LSU the danger for the Gators was to allow a game to get away from them! Next up for the number 1 ranked Gators was Arkansas, who visited The Swamp. It would be up to the Gators to show that they can deal with the big games and the smaller games!

First Quarter: A fairly quiet quarter as neither side managed to score a point, the Gators just getting going in the first 15 minutes.

Second Quarter: The Gators forced the Razorbacks to two three and out plays and a punt to start the second quarter. Despite this pressure it was Arkansas who would score the first touchdown of the game. A Tebow fumble late in the first quarter gave Arkansas great field position, and with just 14min 47sec to go in the quarter, sophmore Broderick Green carried for a one yard TD. Two more fumbles from the Gators would suggest UF had LSU hangover! But a 30 yard field goal from Caleb Sturgis capped off a five play 20 yard drive and got Florida on the board. The next Arkansas possession yielded their own field goal to stretch the scores to 10-3. Alex Tejada scored a 22 yard goal.

Third Quarter: The Gators scored first in the second half, when Sturgis scored a monster 51 yard field goal, the longest 50 plus yard attempt since 2004. Things started to turn for the Gators when a 40 yard field goal attempt for Tejada on Arkansas' first possession missed the uprights! The Gators moved into the lead with a 77 yard pass from Tebow to Thompson putting the Gators 13-10 ahead. The Razorbacks levelled the game 13 a piece when Tejada scored a 31 yard field goal.

Fourth Quarter: Arkansas were determined to make the Gators work for the win, when they forced the Gators to punt in their possession. This pushed the Razorbacks to their own 13 yard line. What followed was a superb 87 yard drive, capped off with a 75 yard touchdown pass from Ryan Mallet to Greg Childs, this gave them a 20-13 lead withs 9min 40sec left in the game. It took only 2min13sec for the Gators to respond, when Jeff Demps found the endzone with his fifth rushing touchdown of the seaon with a 10 yard dash. With 3min 08sec left Tejada missed a 38 yard field goal attempt, this turned the ball over to the Gators on their own 21 yard line. Tebow the completed 3 passes to Riley Cooper and two passes as the Gators marched down the field to allow Sturgis to score a 27 yard game winning field goal. Final scores 23-20 to Florida.

Attendance: 90,508

Game Highlights:

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