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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The big 5-double-oh!

Well it happened, sometime yesterday this blog passed the 500 hits mark!

A big thank you must go out to all you in readerland! My aim with this blog was just to offer my opinions on hockey in this country and of course my views on my beloved Phoenix! A big thanks must also go out to all the other hockey blogs on the tinterweb who have linked The Angry Budgie to their pages. This obviously helps hits on the site, along with creating a big hockey family!

While many out there will probably disagree with my random mumblings, I hope my posts are a good read and that they make you think! The best thing us hockey fans can do is to talk about the sport, and spread the word! Its going to be tough but if we all stick together we can improve the prospects of this sport in the UK!

So that's it for today, but please keep reading, keep commenting! Ill keep trying to make posts cohearant and interesting as time goes by!

Take care of yourself and each other! :)

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