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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Half Year Review

You may have seen a fair few blogs and postings on forums giving half yearly reviews of the season so far. They are generally a fun read, I on the other hand have decided to be lazy and basically link a few reviews in one post.

The first was posted by Paul over at the Breakaway Hockey Blog, which can be found here!

The second is posted by Matt and Becky over at Five Minute Major.

The final post I've found is by Rob over at The Pyre.

Go check em out if you fancy a good read!

My views on the season so far are basic, I think this is the best team we have had at the Phoenix without a doubt. We all worried when Tallari left, we all worried when we signed Smurf. However I have been chuffed with how Tony has answered those questions. David Beauregard is easily the best player in the league, and in Smurf we have the true GB no.1 goalie! For my he has been the biggest surprise this season.

As Rob over at the Pyre has said what we are lacking is consistency, looking through the game programme we never seem to string a long run of wins. Recently we have reverted to WLWLWL etc....which is frustrating. While I don't expect us to be challenging for the top spot, it seems a shame we have slipped a little recently.

So my wish for 2009 and the rest of the season is a bit of consistency from the team, and who knows an upset in Nottingham!

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