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Monday, 22 December 2008

Phoenix v Sheffield 21st December Game Review

So last night (sunday) saw the visit to the Dome of the Shuff Steelers, this was to be our last game before christmas. This game also saw my brother Paul (who writes this blog from across in Japan: World Wide Webisphere) and his girlfriend Yuko! For once we were not subject to arctic temperatures in the Dome, probably due to the first double digit temperatures in ages!

Anyway onto the game!

First Period: Not much between the two teams in the first, tho when ever we play the Steelers there never is! The only goal of the period fell to Fulgham at 11min10sec with a cracking shot from the blue line! Other than that there was not much else to the period!

Second Period: This period belonged to Andy Carson, when ever he ref's, and im assuming this is across any game he does, but he is insistent on evening out the penalties called! Either through some dodgy calls or the Phoenix loosing discipline Shuff took hold in this period bringing the game level at 22min46sec through Legue on the powerplay.

Third Period: The final period saw Mr Carson go for even penalties with a vengeance, Hooking, seemed penalty of the month! The Phoenix battled hard to get back into the game but Shuff showed why they are top of the league! Only one goal again this period, and empty netter!

Verdict: A tight game, but the Phoenix were not good enough! Every time ive seen the Steelers this season I have thought they were good, but not great! I view this game, as the others, as a missed opportunity. Mr Carson didn't do us any favours, I don't think he was Tom Darnell poor, but he wasn't good!

The Phoenix are frustrating at the moment, we obviously have one of the best teams ever at the moment, we are riding pretty high in the league, for us anyway! But our record against the top clubs is poor! I wouldn't mind loosing away to these teams but we seem to loose at home too!

Attendance: Good crowd in, disappointed with the numbers from Shuff but the proximity of christmas probably had an effect. Looking around id say 1,800 in last night!

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