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Monday, 8 December 2008

Cracking Weekend

Well I wouldn't usually do a game review for away games, but I thought for the weekend just gone I thought id make and exception!

This was a tricky weekend, and one that would test the Phoenix. With two away games, first at the high flying Giants and then a tough game against the Devils the following night! Going into this weekend I didn't expect much. While against the Giants we have played well, but ive always thought that they outplayed us on each occasion, Belfast have such strength in depth! Against the Devils, well those games are more evenly matched. The times ive seen them at the Dome they have always been tough games. Certainly at the Dome I would expect the Phoenix to take two points! Away is a different matter! Id take any point/s I can get away from home!

So to the away game at the Odyssey, to be honest I did not expect anything from this game, other than a good performance and possibly a loss in overtime or on penalties. Crikey, so on we go to ihupdate at about 10pm and I literally smiled and said a quite 'Yes!' 5-2 win with a hatrick to Beauregard! That is a cracking result, the team clicks Bau has a stormer along with the real GB no.1 'Smurf'. The Phoenix made the best start to the weekend and showed the rest of the league, we mean business!

After that result I was more positive about the Cardiff game, it would always be close but after the win the previous night, who knows! Same again, satruday night onto ihupdate and it was 1-1 in the third! Talk about a tight game! Sadly the next time I checked we lost in O/T!

So 3 points from a possible 4 from the weekend! I know some may have been disappointed with the loss in Cardiff, but if someone had offered me 3 points from that weekend? I would have taken their arm off!

Well done lads, keep it up!

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