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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Dwight takes Flight!

Well its deja-vu, a second player has left the Phoenix during the campaign, dependable Phoenix D man Dwight Parrish will leave after the boxing day clash against the Vipers.

Dwight Parrish leaves the Phoenix

I have posted on the relevant thread on the Phoenix forum, but decided to tone it down on there! Didn't want to get flamed too badly! However on here I've decided to express my full opinion. Yes its a bit of a rant, and its not helped with the memory of Grant Jacobsen jumping ship earlier in the season!

Firstly id like to explain why im disappointed, before finishing off with my thanks etc....

Dwight has decided to go as he has had a 'once-in-a-lifetime' job offer back in the USA, why is it always a 'too-good-to-turn-down' offer? The thing that disappoints me the most is he is leaving half way through the season! Were also in the middle of a busy patch of games, a patch where we could do with as many bodies as possible! Its also disappointing as he has been a great role model for Luke Boothroyd, with whom he shares a blue line with!

It just goes to show, season long contracts here in the UK don't seem to be 'season long' in some cases!

So onto the positive, Dwight has been a great role model (as mentioned above) to the younger players on the Phoenix roster! He puts in a professional display every game and works hard every shift! He has also been a great franchise player, having iced for the Storm and now two spells with the Phoenix.

After all this, I appreciate that hockey in the UK is not the best paid profession, and fully accept a players right to look out for whats best for him and his family! With that in mind I want to offer Dwight my sincere thanks, I will stand and join in with all the other Phoenix fans in applauding Dwight at the Vipers game for all he has given for hockey in the Phoenix!
But it will be done with some disappointment!

Thanks Dwight, and all the best for the future!

p.s. dont flame me for saying the above, but its just my opinion!


  1. Hehe, hey... Yer gettin' a flamin', disclaimer or not ;)

    If Dwight had gone overseas for a well paid hockey job, I'd probably be pretty disappointed just as you are, but this is so far away from what Jacobsen did, I think it's highly unfair that you're so critical of his actions. The man has gone for your every day well paid job (in the golf industry, I hear), one that probably has a bit of stability, and these aren't ones you turn down, no matter who you're playing for at the time.

    He's stayed on longer than was necessary in his notice too, so he's still showing his commitment to the club whilst leaving. It's pure speculation, but I think he stuck around until a suitable replacement was sure to be coming in rather than leaving us in the lurch. It's also well before the trade deadline and has been a completely open communication with the club.

    It's disappointing when any player leaves, but in that "sad to see you go" and "hey, this is real life" kind of way on this one, I think. There's a time when hockey in this country needs to be put aside for the good of your future and I think Dwight has given us more than is fair and really shouldn't be criticised at all for what he's done.

  2. Thats fair enough Becky, but I stand my my comments! After all its my opinion! I think its fine to be critical, after all we are loosing a player half way through a season!

    Its a difficult situation, im annoyed at the timing but im fully aware Hockey is not a sport for life, nor is it the best paid!

    Ah well, you have your opinion, I have mine! Neither of us is right or wrong!