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Thursday, 6 November 2008

A few off topic things.......

Today I have decided to post a couple of thoughts that have occured to me over the past week or so!

One: You can’t have escaped the US Election recently, I don’t profess to be an expert in anything to do with US politics but have to admit im happy Obama won. Its not down to the colour of his skin, its more to do with my worry of McCain winning. Lets face it, he’s getting on a bit! To have Palin a heartbeat away from the Oval office worried me! The one comment I will make about Mr Obama is it seems like the US is changing! Who would have thought they would elect an Afro-American to the top job. Perhaps times are a changing in the ‘ol US!
There is one thing that really hack’s me off about the US election though, and that is the ridiculous amount of coverage afforded to it by the British media, the BBC especially! Now I know the US President can affect our country but do we really need to send an army of reporters over to the pond? Plus I cant believe how much time the BBC gave to it, so many reporters out on the street, big studio’s and sets, live coverage of the results (ok I can understand that bit!). The gripe comes as you realise, would NBC/CBS/CNN/Fox do the same when we elect a new PM? I don’t think do! Speaking to an American friend the other day he admitted that UK politics barely gets a mention and that most American’s wouldn’t know who Gordon Brown is! For that matter there's probably plenty in the UK who don’t know either!

Two: It appears that the doom merchants have a new person to attack – Jeremy Clarkson. Those of you who watched Top Gear last Sunday will know the TG team did a great feature where the guys drove lorries! JC made a comment, light-heartily, about truck drivers and prostitutes. Low and behold a couple of days later the papers are screaming it’s a disgrace and should be investigated! Please! Get a life! Just like the Bran/Ross incident, number of complaints received by people who watched the show 200 (tiny)! Number of complaints after media hype – triple that (stupid)! Seriously how can people complain when they didn’t watch the show?
Also have you noticed the girl at the centre of it all has now changed her tune? Shes gone from – 'there a disgrace and should be sacked', to – 'oh its gone too far, suspension is ok but they shouldn’t loose their jobs' Too late Miss you’ve done your damage!

Three: Finally next week will see a treat for you its not that exciting! Along with my regular game review, vs the Steelers, I will post my first gig review! My girlfriend and I are off to see Airbourne at the Manchester Academy Saturday night!

Anyway after all that I wish all the teams success for the weekend, including team GB, except the Steelers! Take care everyone, and as usual comments are appreciated!

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  1. Firstly, nice choice of NHL team mate :)

    "The gripe comes as you realise, would NBC/CBS/CNN/Fox do the same when we elect a new PM?"
    Difficult to compare the two, the President being head of state like the Queen, and the two systems being fairly different. We never hear who's the leader of the House or the Senate or whatever over here do we?

    Anyhow, hope Phoenix stuff the Squealers. Twice.