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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Hockey Banners in Manchester and beyond.....!

So with this post I wanted to finish off displaying the banners my family have made for the various hockey teams in Manchester. Today's post includes the most recent Phoenix banner and a banner with a more international feel!

This is the newest banner designed by the family and quite different to others made, certainly much more shiny! If im totally honest I don't think its our best to date, the lettering does get overpowered by the shiny back ground the further away you get!

I think ill carry on hanging the Phoenix banner v1 and introduce this one along side!

Anyway that concludes the Storm/Phoenix banner history and now for the international element to this post. As some of you may be aware there is a gentleman who posts on the Phoenix forums as Darth_Maul, he is my brother, unfortunately, and he is currently out in Japan teaching English. He is as big a hockey fan as the next and stays in touch with all things Phoenix.

A while ago he had his students design a Phoenix banner, naturally it was designed in Japanese and is chuffing huge, well compared to our usual banners anyway! Ive tried to take as good a picture as I can, so here it is:

As you can see its pretty damn good!
Certainly got a few looks when it was first hung at the back of block 4!

If you have a few mins you can go and have a gander at his random brain mumblings here: Brain Mumblings

Righty that's it for today, im still working on my post for tomorrow regarding a certain journo's attitude to the Challenge Cup now the 'big' boys are out. Ill warn you know, it will see my Phoenix tinted specks firmly on and may degenerate into a rant! Well see how it goes!

Anyway hope you have enjoyed looking at our banners and as always comments are appreciated!

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