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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Hockey Banners in Manchester

So for today's post I thought I would post a chronological list of the banners my family have made for the Storm back in't day and now the Phoenix!

Im not sure what prompted it but not long after the first Storm home game the idea was floated to make a banner for the Storm. It probably helped that at the time the Storm had the massive video wall in the arena. Having a banner helped getting on TV! It was usually my brother and sometimes dad that designed the banner and then my mum would make it, with some occasional help from yours truly! To be honest my role in the whole process was to get the banner fame and fortune on TV, well got the first bit!

Anyway on to the banners, this is our first effort, which I think appeared during the debut season of the Storm in 1995:

Pretty basic as you can see, but shiny and effective!

This next banner I believed appeared in the 97/98 season and is probably my favourite Storm banner, I think its the most stylish banner we have done. As you can see it was amended at the end of the 98/99 Superleague championship winning season and is signed by that years team:

The next banner was also our first effort for the Manchester Phoenix, and I think it appeared during the Phoenix' debut season. This banner vi's for my favourite title with the above Storm banner. Inspired by the teams shirts this banner has lasted along time (in part enforced by the Phoenix being mothballed for two years), it is set for retirement but may still hang at the back of block 4 for a long time yet!

A new banner has been made and will hopefully make its debut at the Phoenix game v Hull this weekend, and ill post its picture with the usual game revue on monday next week!

I hope all you out there in reader land have enjoyed reading and looking at our banners, I urge everyone to go out and make a banner for your team! Anything us fans can do to make hockey more entertaining and colourful can only help!

As always comments are appreciated!

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  1. You missed a banner! Mum should have the one I did in Japanese! I am a little saddened to see that it has not been aired since I was last home! Hope it gets dug out before my return! Dont want it smelling musty!