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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Team GB

With the GB team away this weekend it appears many elite league teams will be without parts of their roster. Here at the Phoenix we loose Tony Hand and 'Smurf'. This leads to mix feelings for myself, I'm happy that there are some Phoenix players in the squad but I am worried the effects this will have on the team, particularly as this weekends games feature a home and away series with the Steelers.

This will mean that our back up Adam will more than likely step between the pipes for his Elite debut, this creates a dilemma, as I have mentioned on the Phoenix forum's ill admit to being a bit nervous having Adam in net for this weekend. This is mainly due to his inexperience at this level! On the one hand I would prefer we got a net minder in with a proven Elite record, but I do want Adam to progress and he will only do that by getting minutes on the ice! Hence the dilemma!
The question may be answered for the Phoenix anyway, as it appears the Elite league and Sheffield seem intent on stopping the Phoenix drafting in anyone!

Looking ahead to that weekend it may turn out a more even series of games than we all think. While we will loose one of our best players, and our starting net minder. It seems Sheffield will be without up to 5 players. That being a whole line, and, it seems the Scimitars are playing all weekend too, means that Sheffield could be seriously short staffed. If that's that case, and so long as our defence step up and the whole team help Adam out it could be a good weekend for the Phoenix!

Well we will keep an eye on the news to see what happens but if you fancy a quick read of the article on the MEN website please click away!

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