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Monday, 17 November 2008

Phoenix v Belfast 16th November Game Review

This week I cant do the usual game review, as due to other commitments I was unable to attend the Phoenix V Belfast game. I would like, however, to make a comment or two based on reading the Phoenix forum and the Manchester Online website.

It sounds like it was a close game, with the Phoenix coming up against a determined Belfast team. The Giants were the opponents for the only other Phoenix game I have missed this year, so yours truly has yet to see them. But from all accounts it seems like the Giants are one of, if not the best team to have taken to the ice at the Dome. It is also a marker of how far this team has come, going into this game many people, myself included, thought the Phoenix could get something from this game. Last year we could not have expected that!!
So its not surprising that many fans are gutted we did not get at least a point, 23 seconds to hold on!! Gutted! But that's Hockey, you can win or loose a game in 3 seconds!

So with that the Phoenix are on a loosing streak but hopefully only a short one, we have games versus Hull and Edinburgh next weekend, and while tough, I would expect a 4 point weekend from the guys to get back on track!

With that ill end, normal service should resume by the weekend! Plus the possibility of a new banner being revealed at the game! That's a point ill take a picture and post the current banner that hangs at the back of block 4 most games!

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