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Monday, 10 November 2008

Phoenix v Sheffield 09th November Game Review

Disclaimer: I am writing this while still rather hacked off at Mr Kohnen who reffed last nights game, I also have my Phoenix tinted specs firmly on! You have been warned!

So the Phoenix came into this game short of Tony Hand and Smurf, who were off on GB duty. The Phoenix had been in Sheffield the previous night and by all accounts played their worst hockey of the season! Not surprisingly we lost, but hey to have only now put in our worst performance that’s not bad! Just why did we have to do that, playing Shuff! Anyway onto the game in Altrincham:

First Period: A frenetic opening to this period ensured that this was going to be quite a game, Sheffield scored first through Talbot, only for Clouthier to tie up the game a mere 33 seconds later. The period continued with the little niggles that typify a Shuff performance. By the end of the period Shuff had scored again through Legue on the PP and the Phoenix had, once more, tied the game through Ward.

Second Period: Despite having fewer men Shuff were able to win the second period by a score of 2-0 through goals from Finnerty and Sarich. This resulted in the Phoenix going back to the locker room 4-2 down and a sense of dread in the stands. The second period also saw the controversial intervention of Mr Kohnen. With mounting Phoenix pressure David Beauregard picked up the puck and rounded the Shuff goal to score a perfect wrap around. Cue delirium in the stands and delighted Phoenix players, only for Mr Kohnen to wash out the goal. In his words the goal was disallowed as the net was off its moorings! Yes Mr Kohnen the net was off after the puck crossed the line and serial abuser of netts Mr Lehman pushing it off!!!!!!!!!

Third Period: Well it all kicked off in the third, Phoenix heads dropped when Shuff scored their fifth with 6 minutes to go through Talbot. Burnett got his second (?) of the season which lifted Phoenix spirits. For the rest of the period the Phoenix lay siege to the Shuff net, however were not able to get the break through!

Sorry Mr Kohnen you cost us that game!!

Verdict: Just writing this review gets me angry at some of the poorest reffing I have seen all season. I cannot believe that one man gan ruin a game for a team! Im not saying the Phoenix played amazing, we didn’t! We obviously missed Tony Hand, the usual creativity was not quite there! And while Jacey Moore put in a good performance between the pipes, when he was left exposed he just wasn’t quite there where Smurf would be! Shuff were not great either, its obvious both teams suffered from loosing players on GB duty. That opens up another argument, one which I cant be bothered with right now! So disappointing weekend, and the first null point weekend for the Phoenix. So hopefully with all players back, Mulherin back from injury, a week to regroup in time to get back to winning ways next weekend!

Attendance: One of the best gates so far this season, and that wasn’t because of a huge Steelers turn out! Id say 1,800+ in the Dome tonight. Whoever says the so called ‘small’ clubs cant generate a great atmosphere was not in the Dome last night!

p.s My gig review will appear tomorrow, and a quick comment on the fan media site hopefully on wednesday!

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