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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Gig Review - Airbourne, Manchester Academy 08th November

Ok so as promised last week here is my first gig review for this Blog.

Date: Saturday 8th November
Venue: Manchester Academy One
Band: Airbourne

Had been looking forward to this gig for a while, Airbourne are a bunch of Aussies in a rather AC/DC mould. The gig was a near sellout and thankfully most of the crowd seemed to be of a similar age, if not a little older, to my girlfriend and I! This was good for a couple of reasons, we were not surrounded by young kids trying to be wild, as they were no doubt let out away from their parents for a night! We did not seem to be standing in the pathway for everyone in the gig, as we usually are for some reason!
Anyway we missed the band coming on stage due to parking issues, but we walked in while they were rocking through the first song. All in all it was a fantastic gig, great rock songs, great rock ‘n’ roll set, the best tunes being, Too Much Too Young Too Fast and Diamond in the Rough.
It was a simple set, no pretentious props just lots of amps and a hell of a lot of smoke! Im sure the band hand a drummer, I could hear one! Just couldn’t see the lad!

Anyway a quality nights entertainment, if you get the chance to see em please do!

P.s sorry for the poor quality pictures, the smoke machine guy was getting very excited!
P.p.s. so tomorrow will hopefully see my thoughts on the Fanmedia revolution, then Thursday will see my first video upload, of yours truly partaking in some on-ice entertainment!

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